2007-2008 form·Z Joint Study Journal

This online 2007-2008 form·Z Joint Study Journal is the same as that which is printed and distributed to all the members as well as friends of the Joint Study Program.


This online Journal has been produced as a Portable Document Format (PDF), and it is quite interactive. Clicking on any of the PDF files below will launch Acrobat Reader in your web browser.


The 2007-2008 Joint Study Journal is a thematic collection of articles relating to the use of form·Z and other digital tools. Below, the JS Journal is presented in two different ways: (1) The complete journal as a single document that can be simply viewed or downloaded. Once opened, you can start at the Table of Contents and branch to whichever article you are interested in. (2) Each article of the journal is presented as an independent document, which can again be viewed directly or downloaded.


We hope you enjoy reading and browsing through the 2007-08 Joint Study Journal.



The 2007-2008 form·Z Joint Study Journal

    Full Report in one PDF (View | Download 8.5Mb)


Individual PDFs of articles:

    Table of Contents

    Joint Study Award Winners

    Animate Topologies: Blending Media and Architecture
    Deformable and Performative Space
    Outside the Blocks
    Typologies: Architectural Associations, Dynamic Processes, Digital Tectonics
    Rapid Visualization: Purpose Driven 3D Modeling and Rendering
    Four Poetic Statements
    Modular Constructs
    Giving Our Ideas a Playgound, not a Contained Shoebox: Numerous Thoughts
          on the Digital Design Process and the Reasons Why it is a Creative Step Forward

    Introductory Digital Design Seminar: Thinking and Making
    Razor Design: Integrating Individual Design Skills into the Project Process
    AutoPLAN: a Stochastic Generator of Architectural Plans from a Building

    Designing and Fabricating a Chair as a Conceptual Model for Architectural

    Conjectural Intersections: Conceptual Design with form·Z
    Learning and Teaching: Moving Neophyte into Expert
    Digital Iteration: Defining a Synthesis between Manual and Digital Craft
    Hylomorphic Surface: Proximate Design and Relational Modeling
    Journals of a Digital Design Studio
    form·Z Joint Study Program Schools
    Computing the "Holy Wisdom": form·Z and Radiance as Analytic Tools
          for Historic Building Research