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Username: Teamturbo

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Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 - 04:38 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

1) I'm trying to extrude the red face. How do I do it quickly to its normal?

2) How do I connect the two meshed objects into a solid? Can I make this into a smooth object?


Some notes: in interactive mode, it would help if the face slected would highlight in some solid color. Couple that with ignore back faces and interactive shading would actually be friendly to use.

Currently, in 6.0.4 if show object color+edges is on, the highlight of the face does not come through. You can see a bit of red peeking through in the second image, but it's not enough to know if it's selected.
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Username: Tech

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Posted on Thursday, February 01, 2007 - 08:48 am:   Edit Post Print Post


1. Use the Derivative Extrusion tool with the Perpendicular to Surface option (and the Status of Operands set to Keep if you like).

2a. There are many ways to do create the Meshed objects as Smooth in the first place: You could generate a Nurbz Loft between the two edges (with Depth Degree = 1 less than the maximum number of cross sections - max). Alternately, if you want the surface to be tangent to the existing objects, you can delete the end faces of these objects (at topology) and then Loft (with the Use Surface Info option). If you have any further questions on this, it would help to have a file that contains the two objects between which you wish to generate the mesh.

2b. To generate a solid you need to draw in the missing faces and Stitch them into place. Either derive the edges directly from your existing objects and join them into a closed shape, or use the vector line tool to trace them. Then use the Stitch tool to "weld" the surfaces together. Once you have a closed volume, your object will be a solid. Perhaps the following tech note will help further:


-- Creating Solids from Surfaces: Here is a little tutorial that will show you how this is done:

1. Get a New Model and Draw a Cube.

2. Select the Top face of the cube, press the Delete Key, and select Delete Topology. (This will now open up a hole in the top of the cube.) Query the cube to verify that it is now a Surface.

3. Assuming that you do not know where this hole is, go to your Wire Frame Options / Interactive Tab and select Show Direction. Now you will see arrows at the top of the cube, indicating that this face is missing. (The edges of the missing face need to be at least .25" on screen to have room to show the arrows, so you may need to zoom into different areas on a more complicated object to find them.

4. Draw in the missing face using the Vector Line Tool and the Point Snap (and 2d extrusion modifier)

5. With the Stitch tool, click on your Box, and then on the Surface that you drew. If you did this right, the arrows will go away and your cube will again be solid.

6. With objects containing several holes, repeat as necessary.

Version 5.0 has added a new Object Doctor tool. If your object is not too poorly structured, the Object Doctor may be able to repair such missing faces for you automatically.

Note that with the Object Doctor, you will need to have a "primarily closed" object in the first place, so you will need to create and stitch at least some of the surfaces before trying this.

Also, if you want your top and bottom surfaces of the mesh to be parallel, use the Parallel Object tool on one of them.

3. The highlight problem of faces in Interactive Shaded only occurs if you are also using Shadows. In this case, setting the Highlight Edge Size to 2 or more will work around this. Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.

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