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bonzai3d 3.2.4 “hot fix” for OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”support@formZ.com10-24-14  10:11 am
Crash on Yosemite?support@formZ.com10-24-14  10:12 am
I license on laptop and desktop?support@formZ.com10-14-14  06:19 pm
my panels are gonesupport@formZ.com10-09-14  08:35 am
Modeling advicesupport@formZ.com10-03-14  04:32 pm
Bonzai3d menu bar offscreen?Ian Page-Echols09-20-14  03:24 am
fixing posterization in rendersadam09-17-14  05:28 pm
Texturing a sphere to look like the earthsundayjiang10-17-14  11:41 pm
faded object fontsMarcelo Rodríguez09-15-14  05:13 pm
working unitsEric Hoskins09-08-14  11:31 am
Wish list / Feel free to add yours.Pierre09-05-14  12:02 pm
invisible guidessupport@formZ.com08-29-14  08:28 am
Reshaping a groupsupport@formZ.com11 08-28-14  08:40 am
Textures showing reversedsupport@formZ.com09-02-14  08:37 am
Snapping problemsadam08-14-14  07:09 pm
layers and selectionssupport@formZ.com08-06-14  08:54 am
cone light going through materialadam07-31-14  03:15 pm
won't bend in the XYsupport@formZ.com07-28-14  08:46 am
"Registration" support@formZ.com07-23-14  08:48 am
won't bend in the XYsupport@formZ.com07-23-14  08:49 am
texture with alpha channeladam06-30-14  11:36 am
New tutorial on creating spherical panoramas with Maxwell Renderevan troxel06-26-14  12:43 pm
surface split support@formZ.com06-26-14  09:07 am
Scaling textures indepentantly on all sidessupport@formZ.com06-18-14  12:19 pm
Why wont these work for texturessupport@formZ.com06-17-14  08:43 am
importing 3D models from google 3d warehousesupport@formZ.com06-13-14  05:25 pm
where is add 3d component from warehousesupport@formZ.com06-13-14  05:26 pm
Mouse Wheel Button not Recognizedsupport@formZ.com06-04-14  02:05 pm
exploded viewsupport@formZ.com06-16-14  04:58 pm
Delete Texture on Backside of objectsupport@formZ.com10 06-27-14  08:43 am
Convering lines into a facesupport@formZ.com04-28-14  03:12 pm
importing DXF and DWG files to Bonzaisupport@formZ.com39 05-19-14  02:07 pm
New tutorial on Views and Scenes in Bonzai3dsupport@formZ.com04-18-14  04:41 pm
object dimensionssupport@formZ.com14 04-17-14  11:59 am
Camera orientationsupport@formZ.com04-11-14  05:08 pm
texture problems while importing CAD filessupport@formZ.com04-11-14  03:35 pm
Project organization using layers and objects palettesadam04-11-14  04:32 pm
working with textsupport@formZ.com04-08-14  01:55 pm
Thicken a nurbs lofted objectsupport@formZ.com04-08-14  03:51 pm
Texture on back side of objectadam04-07-14  12:50 pm
camera perspective off?adam04-02-14  07:23 pm
No repeat textureadam04-03-14  05:18 pm
opening old FMZ files in Bonzaisupport@formZ.com04-02-14  12:21 pm
Reflect the environment map in objectadam04-07-14  04:39 pm
How would you go about modeling thissupport@formZ.com04-02-14  01:04 pm
Copying objects along a pathMark Borok03-29-14  12:26 pm
Rendering a stilladam03-28-14  04:41 pm
Fish eyesupport@formZ.com14 04-01-14  10:17 am
Glowing Tubesupport@formZ.com03-20-14  03:20 pm
Bonzai3d in Windows 8support@formZ.com03-19-14  08:26 am
Dell Precision Performance Optimizersupport@formZ.com03-21-14  08:45 am
Importing a file from illustrator as dxf or dwgsupport@formZ.com03-13-14  02:07 pm
tools requestMojo03-06-14  10:21 am
bonzai3d 3.2.4 Update Releasedsupport@formZ.com02-28-14  09:48 am
Big slow  04:53 pm
Twisting Tool Errorsupport@formZ.com02-04-14  02:06 pm
3d file format cheat sheet updatedsupport@formZ.com01-21-14  11:12 am
Reshape Weirdnesssupport@formZ.com01-03-14  03:49 pm
won't bend in the XYEric Hoskins01-03-14  12:19 pm
"Tool Options" vanished without  10:49 am
Grouping errorsupport@formZ.com12-30-13  09:13 am
won't bend in the XYEric Hoskins12-27-13  07:02 pm
Punch hole throughsupport@formZ.com12-26-13  08:49 am
bonzai3d 3.2.3 Update Releasedsupport@formZ.com02-20-14  03:58 pm
importing images for new materialsupport@formZ.com12-16-13  10:03 am
Maxwell Render 3 + New Plugin ReleasedPylon Technical12-04-13  04:18 pm
bonzai3d 3.2.2 Update Releasedsupport@formZ.com12-02-13  02:49 pm
offset segment and reshape stop workingsupport@formZ.com12-03-13  11:14 am
File Pathssupport@formZ.com11-22-13  08:37 am
Component Import Previewwalter vardanega11-21-13  05:13 pm
Migrating from Sketchupsupport@formZ.com10 11-21-13  03:45 pm
Building Wallssupport@formZ.com11-20-13  08:41 am
Undoing Unionswalter vardanega11-19-13  07:07 pm
Ghosted Operandsupport@formZ.com11-20-13  08:42 am
Stumped againLewis Levin11-19-13  04:43 pm
New Bonzai3d video tutorial - behind the scenes of my Fields of Gol...evan troxel11-15-13  01:10 pm
simple (dumb) questionsupport@formZ.com11-14-13  11:52 am
still tends to freezesupport@formZ.com11-15-13  10:15 am
Very Satisfiedsupport@formZ.com11-13-13  09:01 am
Bonzai3d version 3.2.1 Update Releasedsupport@formZ.com11-11-13  12:34 pm
Move object to originLewis Levin11-11-13  11:52 pm
Can't set zoom in percentagesupport@formZ.com11-11-13  02:14 pm
How to punch a letter through an objectLewis Levin11-10-13  07:00 pm
Drawing precise linessupport@formZ.com11-11-13  09:06 am
Dimensions don't make sensesupport@formZ.com11-11-13  09:07 am
Massive slow downssupport@formZ.com11-11-13  02:15 pm
BNZ 3.2 won't export stl (trial)support@formZ.com11-11-13  09:13 am
Load elements from previous projectssupport@formZ.com11-04-13  08:45 am
Bonzai3d 3 freezing on any dwg or dxf importsupport@formZ.com10-28-13  01:49 pm
Component questions...Gavin MacRae10-21-13  10:45 pm
Mesh / Boolean Problemsian vella10-17-13  11:53 am
Bonzai3d version 3.2 Update Released!support@formZ.com09-19-13  04:27 pm
Object Library Anouncementsupport@formZ.com09-19-13  11:46 am
Maxwell Render material ID tutorialJayden Moran09-12-13  12:42 am
How to model bathMark Brehaut08-31-13  11:38 pm
Return to Pick ToolMarcelo Rodríguez08-21-13  02:18 pm
Sweeping 3d objectsRommel Thielman08-15-13  10:08 am
picture to mesh?support@formZ.com08-05-13  09:01 am
Emitter lights in Maxwell & formZ/bonzai3d - part 3evan troxel07-19-13  11:27 am
Emitters in formZ/bonzai3d and Maxwell - part 2evan troxel07-01-13  04:49 pm
Bonzai 3d V2.5?john Tucker07-01-13  05:55 pm
Move edges connected to facessupport@formZ.com06-27-13  09:56 am
geo-locatesupport@formZ.com06-26-13  05:40 pm
Drawing relative to edges and cornerssupport@formZ.com06-24-13  02:53 pm
Convert Text to free objectLokari Damitridoniv06-23-13  03:14 pm
Webinar: bonzai3d, form•Z, and Maxwell Together: Unleash your  09:34 am
bonzai3d version 3.1 released -- adding full support for Maxwell Re...Pylon Technical06-19-13  03:08 pm
lwo import from modo not editablesupport@formZ.com06-06-13  03:17 pm
help with materialssupport@formZ.com11 06-11-13  08:37 am
Generate/Close Facessupport@formZ.com10 06-05-13  09:10 am
Default Project Settingssupport@formZ.com06-03-13  08:49 am
New video tutorial: Using HDRI's (IBL's) for Backgrounds and  08:34 am
64 bit?Peter Jespersen05-28-13  08:04 pm
Webinar Replay: Whats new in bonzai3d 3.0support@formZ.com05-24-13  04:19 pm
subdividing segments - is it possible?support@formZ.com05-21-13  12:02 pm
bonzai3d v3.0 Released!support@formZ.com05-20-13  08:36 am
Share your success with bonzai3d! support@formZ.com05-07-13  11:34 am
Autosave filessupport@formZ.com05-07-13  02:52 pm
AutoDesSys, Inc is moving! (& Limited availability tomorrow  02:59 pm
Issue with N Loftsupport@formZ.com04-05-13  12:01 pm
Delete permanent guidesupport@formZ.com03-22-13  08:26 am
selecting Guide crashes B3dsupport@formZ.com13 03-19-13  12:47 pm
Undo Union?Lisa Harmey03-13-13  12:40 pm
cross post: new workflow tutorial for creating quick window mullionsevan troxel03-12-13  11:35 pm
File sizesupport@formZ.com10 03-08-13  11:26 am
Components: Windows & Doorssupport@formZ.com02-28-13  10:46 am
Roof inverted!support@formZ.com02-19-13  04:54 pm
Move leaves unwanted "objects"support@formZ.com02-19-13  11:13 am
Can't View Tutorial Videos From WIthin Bonzai support@formZ.com02-15-13  03:30 pm
NEED HELP - Unable to use Boolean Split and Stichsupport@formZ.com01-28-13  09:29 am
Slicesupport@formZ.com01-28-13  09:30 am
Bonzai concluded, Lockedsupport@formZ.com01-16-13  11:58 am
helps with illuminated cornice of plastersupport@formZ.com01-14-13  08:37 am
Very Slow Bonzai3dsupport@formZ.com01-14-13  08:40 am
Problem with Move and Move/Copysupport@formZ.com01-04-13  10:55 am
switching objects from layersceshi wuhao01-18-13  01:38 am
grooves gone in renderingsupport@formZ.com12-26-12  11:27 am
Tutorial for lightsVan Malderen Vincent12-24-12  06:39 am
Seasons greetings from AutoDesSyssupport@formZ.com12-20-12  01:40 pm
Renderzone Upgrade from Bonzai to FormZsupport@formZ.com12-17-12  08:41 am
Scale object to dimensions...Colin Partridge02-07-13  02:36 am
Images realistics for Renderzonesupport@formZ.com01-11-13  03:11 pm
Help needed!support@formZ.com12-11-12  08:34 am
Bonzai 3d for jewellerysupport@formZ.com11-02-12  08:35 am
Modelling Palettesupport@formZ.com14 05-22-13  08:39 am
FormZ Object Library announcement3DFormsArt10-31-12  12:03 pm
Creating Nurbssupport@formZ.com10-23-12  09:05 am
Crashes with Spline curvessupport@formZ.com10-22-12  11:40 am
rendering issuessupport@formZ.com10-18-12  04:55 pm
Bad bool edit?support@formZ.com10-16-12  08:33 am
Bevel makes broken geometryceshi wuhao01-18-13  01:42 am
Nautilus spiralJamie Haggerty10-09-12  11:16 am
Importing jpgJamie Haggerty10-08-12  04:32 pm
matthew.Stanfieldsupport@formZ.com10-04-12  08:50 am
Bonzai trial versionMark11 01-18-13  03:21 am
Hi I Tried Bonzai a year ago, what's changed?support@formZ.com12 02-20-13  08:45 am
Difference toolsupport@formZ.com09-11-12  02:05 pm
How to create 3D Architectural Rendering for Exterior Designs ?Bhumi Pithva09-09-12  05:36 am
Walkthroughs BZ3DLisa Harmey17 08-16-12  03:00 pm
modeling a belt?support@formZ.com07-25-12  08:43 am
Exposed Rafter Tails methodsupport@formZ.com07-09-12  01:14 pm
Registration Issuesupport@formZ.com07-09-12  09:20 am
Material handling suggestion...Peder Lindbom06-22-12  10:20 am
blueprintsupport@formZ.com06-11-12  08:21 am
Need Help !!!!support@formZ.com06-07-12  09:01 am
1st Point tool don't worksupport@formZ.com06-01-12  02:39 pm
TexturemappingPeder Lindbom05-29-12  03:02 pm
Closing a lofted object 2support@formZ.com05-29-12  08:37 am
Pet Bottle?Des Clarke05-28-12  10:58 am
Views yet again...Peder Lindbom05-10-12  06:31 pm
rendering a background imagesupport@formZ.com05-07-12  08:46 am
Renderzone Trial Version?support@formZ.com05-07-12  08:47 am
Closing a lofted objectsupport@formZ.com10 05-31-12  08:47 am
Bonzai screen update speed.Pylon Technical05-04-12  01:17 pm
Importing files for terrain modelling ..?support@formZ.com05-03-12  09:05 am
How to reverse the mouse scroll wheel zoom?Maeva Dan Julia10-10-12  04:18 am
Thicken "In" not workingsupport@formZ.com04-26-12  08:37 am
Problem using Modify>Slice toolsupport@formZ.com04-23-12  08:23 am
Plug ins to vray or thearender or 04-24-12  03:47 pm
3-d Model from 2-d floor plandiablopop cls09-19-12  03:44 am
Material Editingsupport@formZ.com15 04-25-12  09:01 am
Sizing Doors and Windowssupport@formZ.com04-16-12  09:17 am
Snap all the points of an object to the nearest grid coordinatesupport@formZ.com04-09-12  11:33 am
install stop on c++2005sp1support@formZ.com04-09-12  08:42 am
Resolution and file sizesupport@formZ.com04-04-12  08:55 am
Import Sketchup 8support@formZ.com03-30-12  08:31 am
bonzai vs form-zsupport@formZ.com11 03-19-12  08:37 am
Bonzai3d on Lionsupport@formZ.com03-12-12  12:08 pm
Trying to install over old SE versionsupport@formZ.com03-01-12  08:29 am
Bonzai vs Sketchup ProAndras Andras03-22-12  04:16 am
Difference between template and preference file?support@formZ.com02-23-12  09:18 am
The stupidest questionsupport@formZ.com02-17-12  08:31 am
3D modeling from Cadsoft Eaglesupport@formZ.com02-08-12  03:32 pm
Mouse Lagsupport@formZ.com02-07-12  11:23 am
Weirdness in Maxwell pluginPylon Technical02-07-12  03:41 pm
Switching working unitssupport@formZ.com19 02-02-12  03:01 pm
Inserting multiple rectangles on an objectsupport@formZ.com12 01-30-12  02:55 pm
Gabel Roof Orientationsupport@formZ.com01-30-12  08:40 am
Working with Lightssupport@formZ.com01-19-12  08:36 am
New 3D RenderingsMartin Malinski01-13-12  08:26 pm
cannot orient workplane on groupsupport@formZ.com01-13-12  09:59 am
mirror texturesupport@formZ.com15 01-16-12  02:17 pm
Ghosts are haunting me!David Shandelman01-18-12  04:36 pm
Help! I Can not modelling!support@formZ.com20 01-06-12  08:54 am
Bug with Shaded Full Optionssupport@formZ.com14 02-19-13  11:48 am
Export the Sketchup doesn't 01-04-12  08:39 am
Seasons Greetings!support@formZ.com12-20-11  03:28 pm
3D video Tutorial CHRISTMAS SPECIALMartin Malinski12 12-15-11  08:26 am
3D Architectural AnimationHelen Ni12-09-11  04:45 am
Dog bone fillet?Nick Davies12-15-11  05:21 am
Fun with treesHelen Ni01-12-12  10:55 pm
Maxwell Render Special Offerrobert smith12-12-11  09:23 am
imprint line disappearingDavid Shandelman11-30-11  04:39 pm
Architectural Renderingsupport@formZ.com11-28-11  09:17 am
Draw polyline in relative to a pointsupport@formZ.com11-28-11  01:48 pm
Import of sketchup objects (.skp)support@formZ.com11-28-11  08:45 am
Mapping to Fan Foldrobert smith11-19-11  01:42 pm
Self snap.dereklawler02-19-13  01:45 am
Maxwell set  03:40 pm
See How he should come to herlaura happy11-16-11  07:24 am
Importing from Rhino3devan troxel12-20-11  07:50 pm
my Christmas wishlistsupport@formZ.com11-11-11  01:24 pm
Bonzai version 3 wishessupport@formZ.com12 03-28-12  08:28 am
please take a look at component creation for next iterationsupport@formZ.com11-08-11  02:50 pm
Sure Would Like .STEPsupport@formZ.com11-08-11  04:41 pm
scalesupport@formZ.com11-08-11  10:10 am
New video - How to Make a Sliced Solid and Wireframe Rendering in B...evan troxel11-08-11  12:20 pm
3d text kerningsupport@formZ.com11-04-11  08:32 am
matthew.Stanfieldmatthew.Stanfield18 11-10-11  09:33 am
New video tutorial - four ways to get inside your modelMartin Malinski11-03-11  08:53 am
Lighting again!support@formZ.com11-02-11  09:50 am
Some questions about sunlightsupport@formZ.com11-02-11  03:07 pm
Strange perspectiveniels h10-27-11  11:17 am
Importing DWG filessupport@formZ.com10-27-11  02:25 pm
adjust axl sweepniels h10-26-11  11:40 am
Simlab Composer (3D pdf, file i/o and rendering) Michael Thompson10-24-11  08:30 pm
Using Guides and the Measure Toolsupport@formZ.com10-25-11  10:06 am
Slicing object movingsupport@formZ.com11 10-24-11  02:51 pm
Altering color of textured materialssupport@formZ.com10-21-11  04:16 pm
3d controller using iPad - Maideevan troxel10-20-11  05:57 pm
Convert Object Optionssupport@formZ.com10-21-11  03:11 pm
Window Insertion PointNigel Gilbert10-20-11  05:26 pm
curved tapersupport@formZ.com28 10-24-11  09:35 am
Object turning transparentLeonard Yee10-20-11  11:35 am
Mimum wall width?support@formZ.com10-19-11  03:24 pm
Online bonzai3d manual not connectingsupport@formZ.com10 10-19-11  01:27 pm
moving a wallJosephus Holt10-19-11  10:37 am
uploading attachmentsupport@formZ.com13 10-18-11  02:13 pm
Positioning Windows and Doorssupport@formZ.com10-18-11  08:23 am
Basic house tutorial?Josephus Holt10-17-11  08:45 pm
Any "ex" or concurrent Rhino users?Josephus Holt10-17-11  09:04 am
Unlock groupErik19 10-19-11  01:04 pm
Please go Green!support@formZ.com10-17-11  10:43 am
Offset Segment ToolNigel Gilbert10-14-11  11:17 am
Thicken ribsupport@formZ.com10-13-11  04:34 pm
repeat push/pullniels h11 10-18-11  11:46 am
October images...Peder Lindbom10-13-11  07:41 am
animation capable?support@formZ.com10-13-11  12:00 pm
bowl/ sinksupport@formZ.com10-13-11  08:32 am
section exportsupport@formZ.com10-12-11  02:25 pm
Selecting contoursupport@formZ.com10-12-11  10:56 am
trimmed nurbzsupport@formZ.com10-10-11  08:23 am
3 point arcceshi wuhao01-17-13  07:32 am
Misalign with viewPeder Lindbom10-07-11  08:04 am
"drop" object onto a nurbs surfacesupport@formZ.com10-04-11  02:31 pm
draw over bent surfacemichael plishka14 01-18-13  07:09 pm
Exporting .3ds to other applications such as Unitysupport@formZ.com10-05-11  03:26 pm
Archive July-September 2011support@formZ.com460 86 02-19-13  11:43 am
Archive May-June 2011support@formZ.com411 74 08-04-11  08:04 am
Archive Jan - March 2011support@formZ.com655 109 02-19-14  08:37 am
Archive October-December 2010support@formZ.com566 115 12-31-10  01:08 pm
Archive July-September 2010ceshi wuhao884 137 01-18-13  01:33 am
Archive April-June 2010support@formZ.com928 141 10-07-11  02:29 pm
Archive Jan-March 2010How_goes_it408 68 05-23-11  07:16 pm
Archive Aug-Dec 2009support@formZ.com960 159 02-10-12  08:48 am
Archive July 2009support@formZ.com565 63 02-04-10  03:26 pm
Archive June 2009support@formZ.com408 59 07-07-10  02:26 pm
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Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 03:00 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

Welcome to the bonzai3d Forum!

Feel free to post your questions, suggestions, or share your work here. (Click Start New Thread above, or post to an existing thread once you have registered.)

General information about bonzai3d can be found HERE.

Tutorial Videos can be viewed from within bonzai3d by selecting Tutorial Videos from the Help Menu, and
you can view them online HERE:

A FREE Trial Version is also available HERE

Let there b3d!