The purpose of this program is to facilitate the use of form•Z in Academic Departments which are interested in educating their students to use 3D modeling and design oriented digital tools. It is also aimed at contributing to the further evolution of these tools. It is based on an agreement between AutoDesSys, Inc. and an Academic Institution, whereby AutoDesSys provides the School with a mutually agreed upon number of User Licenses, for a year, and the School agrees to use the program in its courses and to report on the educational experiences while using form•Z .

The cost of a subscription to the JS Program is $300.00 for schools requiring more than 10 user licenses.There is no fee at all for High Schools nor for Colleges requiring 10 or less user licenses. These fees include access to digital copies of the User’s Manual and Tutorials, training of the Principal Investigator online, (or in Columbus, Ohio, if preferred) when appropriate, and email and over the phone technical support.

Joint Studies typically start on August 1 or later and end on August 31 of the next year. For schools located on the opposite hemisphere than the USA, arrangements can be made to follow a different schedule.

Also available to students and regular faculty of Joint Study Schools are Student Licenses. These are form•Z Licenses that students can install and run on their computers at home for a year at a time free of charge, while they continue to be students, and for one year after graduation. Analogous policies apply to instructors.

For form·Z technical support, email:

You can also call technical support at 614-488-8838 (USA).