form·Z pro

form•Z pro

form•Z pro is a powerful 3D design application featuring a variety of modeling personalities and tools with an easy to use interface to express and communicate your imagination. It is based on advanced 3D solid and surface modeling methods that maintain accurate representations as you progress from design to visualization, layout, animation and fabrication.


  • Available for MacOS X 10.11 or later and Windows 7/8/10.
  • Surface Modeling tools including Booleans, NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces.
  • Native support for 64 architecture on OS X allows for more content creation.
  • Imports SKP, KMZ, DWG, DXF, DAE, OBJ, SAT, STEP and STL files.
  • Exports SKP, DWG, DXF, SAT, STEP, DAE, and STL for 3D printing.
What's new in form•Z pro v9? Click Here.


Object Symmetry creates a plane of symmetry for an object. Subsequent operations to the object maintain symmetry by updating the opposte sides of the model to match. The symmetry functionality has special consideration for NURBs curves, NURB surfaces and Sub-D objects.


Reference Files are simply data from one project displayed inside another project. Reference files allow for complex static data to be maintained in external files and supports coloboration where files can be shaered between team members as a design evolves.


Python is a easy to use yet rich scripting language. Python scripts in form•Z are an easy way to extend the functionality of form•Z to add your own utilities or create a custom design design tools. Most of the form•Z functionality is avaiable to a form•Z Python script.


A suite of creative design tools to enhance form generation.  Create new and interesting forms especially when combined with each other.These tools suite includes: Voronoi diagram, Point Scatter, Surface Scatter, Volume Scatter, Parametric Map, Wrap tool and Delaunay Triangulation.


A comprehensive suite of NURBS tools combines unprecedented ease of use and power. The NURBS analysis features aid in the evaluation and refinement of your design.


Fully parametric and dynamic generation of 3D forms that can be further manipulated at any time after their initial generation.


The form•Z interactive display takes advantage of modern OpenGL capabilities. This is most noticeable in Shaded Full display mode with real time ambient occlusion, bump mapping, soft shadows and multi sampling features.


Powerful formula tools create complex curves and surfaces based on mathematical formulas with ease. The included predefined library of shapes is a launching point for a whole new method of form creation.


The suite of Subdivision tools allows shaping and sculpting subdivision surfaces with simple, easy to use controls. Subdivisions are useful for tensile structures; organic surfaces ranging from exotic roofs to character meshes, these tools make form•Z a versatile modeling tool.


Advanced rounding and blending operations enable the creation of smooth transitions between surfaces. Advanced features like variable radius and hold line rounding make it possible to create unique solutions.


form•Z projects can be fully animated in form•Z Pro. This includes animation of the camera, objects and lights. Animation tracks can be created for the individual parameters of the parametric objects which allows for creation of dynamic designs.


form•Z Draft Layout is a 2D application that is used for the preparation of drafted documents of 3D projects. This application has both world scale and paper scale working environments and includes a suite of predefined title blocks in standard paper sizes.


The internal water tight modeling representation used by form•Z means that form•Z models are ready for 3D printing. Models can be directly exported to industry standard formats for transfer to any 3D printer, CNC or milling process.


Components make it easy to reuse and share frequently used content. Components can be embedded in the form•Z project or stored externally in directory of project files. Components can be easily be created and modified in form•Z. A library of entourage components is provided.


form•Z includes an extensive library of materials that are ready to use. The Materials editor allows you to create your own materials and materials groups.


The form•Z intelligent interface senses what you intend to do and protects you from unwanted actions. This includes automatic picking and automatic guides that assist you in drawing accurately.


The Reshape and offset tools capitalizes on real time Boolean operations to offer sculpting actions that produce robust solid models from interactive actions.


Dynamic clipping planes allow for non-destructive cutting of models. This real-time dynamic interface allows for complete inspection of a design.


The Sun Palette enables the quick evaluation of natural light in a building on any given day or time. Quickly create animation of the sun light through a day or an entire year.

VR - Augment

form•Z Includes an interface for the Augment reality app. With Augment, you can visualize your form•Z models in real world settings, at real size, in real time on OS X and Android mobile devices. Click Here for more details.

VR - Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a Free platform to publish, view and find 3D models online. With the form•Z an interface for Sketchfab you can upload your textured models directly to the Sketchfab community. Click Here for more details.