Classic fsl Scripts

The following are some of the form·Z scripts developed mostly by the form·Z user community over the years. They can be downloaded and used for free.


  • Select by Similar Material Command
    This will select objects by user-specified materials.
  • Select by Surface Style Name
    Displays a menu allowing user to select a surface style by name. The script then selects objects with the selected surface style.
  • Select Similar Normal
    Selects faces by a given (selected) faces normal.
  • Convert Selection
    Four commands that will take a point, segment or object or face and select the chosen entities that are attached.
  • Select Similar
    Select other similar, visible objects based upon optional criteria. For example, select an object, then select all other objects within the same layer as the original object.
  • Reverse Selection
    Command that will deselect all currently selected entities and select anything that was unselected and visible.


  • Separate Faces by Color
    Separates an object into one or more objects based on the face-level colors. Deletes the original object.
  • 3pt Align Tool 1
    Tool that allows user to align an object by picking 3 points at the algn3t and 3 points at the target location.
  • Batch Sweep
    Utility script to allow multiple sweep paths with single source shape.
  • Clean Line
    Reduces the point density of selected lines. User specifies a tolerance. Groups of points that are within that tolerance are consolidated into one point.
  • Door Builder
    Builds a door to match the width of a selected line.
  • Gravity
    Moves objects vertically so the bottom meets the top of a terrain model.
  • Gable Roof Builder
    Builds a gable roof to match a selected rectangle.
  • Handrail Builder
    Builds a handrail to match the path of a selected line.
  • Hipped Roof Builder
    Builds a hipped roof to match a selected rectangle.
  • Sash Builder
    Builds a window to match the width of a selected line.
  • Sliding Sash Builder
    Builds sliding glass windows to match the width of a selected line.
  • Slope Path
    This will make the line slope according to a user specified option. This is an easy way to slope a complex line at a constant angle.
  • Sweep Rectangle
    Forms a rectangle on segments of a selected object.
  • Control Object 2
    A simple palette to control movement of one or more selected objects.
  • Control Object 1
    A simple palette to control movement of one or more selected objects, version 1.
  • Random Transform Tool
    Tool allows user to randomly scale, translate, and rotate picked objects within a set range.
  • Curve to Arcs
    Tool that converts splines, nurbz curves, and composite curves into a set of sequential arcs.
  • Terrain Doctor
    A method of automatically analyzing and fixing terrain modeling.
  • Random Nurbz
    Script sample file to show how to create a nurbz object with control points whose location changes randomly along the u direction of the surface.
  • Parametric Resolution
    This tool-like palette allows you to change the display resolution or parametric objects instantly.


  • Distribute Based on Materials
    This will create a new layer for every surface style. It then moves objects to those layers based upon the object's assigned surface style.
  • Fix inverted Objects
    Detects all solid objects in a project that have negative volume. If there are any, a dialog is posted, that gives the user the choice to : do nothing, pick the objects, and reverse the objects.
  • Name Object by Material
    This will rename all selected objects so that the name matches the surface style assigned to the object.
  • Remove Copy From Name
    Command that will allow user to automatically remove "Copy" from the name of new copied objects as they are created.
  • Clear Face Color and Texture
    Gives user the option to clear face-level surface styles of selected objects, which will return the object to its object-level surface style.
  • Auto Name
    Command will automatically rename controlled objects.
  • Center Pivot
    Command will center the objects pivot and reset the rotation of the pivot to align with the world axis.
  • Set Order
    Allows the user to reset the order of objects in a project.
  • Toggle Object Visibility Command
    Command that turns off any objects that are visible but not selected.
  • Object Toggle Palette
    This palette has buttons that will turn off objects that are visible, but not selected.
  • Rename Object
    Allows user to rename preselected objects or objects that have a common string in the name. Also allows numbers to be appended to the names.


  • Count Symbols
    Counts how many symbol instance occurences of each symbol definition in the first library of a project there are.
  • Measure All Selected Segments
    Allows users to get the total length of all selected segments.
  • Calculate Dihedral Angles
    Palette that calculates dihedral angle between two selected faces.
  • Get Bounding Box
    Palette that calculates bounding box of selected objects.
  • Object Name Counter
    Writes out a list of object names.
  • Increment File Name
    Command will automatically increment the filename and save file.
  • Image Divider
    Breaks up an image into smaller tiles that can be rendered separately.


  • Toggle Layer
    Palette that turns off any layers that dont contain selected objects.
  • Toggle Symbols Palette
    Palette that turns off any symbols that are visible but not selected.
  • Toggle Snap Palette
    Palette that turns off the snap of any objects that are visible but not selected.


  • Change View
    A simple palette that allows a user to control positioning of a camera and where it points.
  • Control Underlay
    A simple palette to control underlays.
  • Attention
    Center COI on selected objects.
  • Numerical Input Command
    Switches the type of numeric display to"architectural","decimal","english", or "fractions".


  • MIMI - Multi Image Map Importer
    A utility script that allows one to simultaneously build multiple surface styles with texture maps.
  • Animated Surface Styles
    An animated surface style script.
  • Angle Transparency Shader
    Makes a shader that will control the transparency based on the angle of the surface relative to the camera.
  • Turbulance Shader
    Makes a turbulance shader that contains 4 colors.


  • Batch Renderer
    Project utility script. Renders all project files in a directory and its sub-directories with available renderers of form•Z.
  • Batch Import/Export
    Batch Import: Allows user to select multiple files to convert to formZ files. Batch Export: Allows user to select multiple formZ files and export to a desired format (DXF, OBJ, etc).