form·Z Student Competition

1st Prize - Alexander Gogl
Project Description

The design of the bath combines two themes to create the atmosphere of an introverted bath grot: The harsh Tyrolean mountains (Austria) surrounding the building plot and the experiment to reinterpret medieval vaults with contemporary building technology.
The shape of the design was derived from an algorithm by utilising a set of custom form·Z scripts: First, a grid was superimposed on top of the topography of the building site. Then, the grid was transformed to fit the room schedule of the bath. After that, its points were linked with an algorithm of a form·Z script to derive interconnected vaults from it. The dynamic link between the underlying grid and the vaults enabled me to evaluate the design and to modify it quickly.
By linking the vaults with the topography of the landscape and the room schedule, the design intertwines with the context of the building site without becoming a captive of it, because the linking algorithm can be altered easily. This results in a strong but not final impact of the context on the design.
The whole design and visualisation was done in form·Z. I later edited the cgis in Photoshop and drew plans in Vectorworks by importing form·Z’ geometry to the former. I also built a physical model by slicing the design vertically along the longitudinal axis of the building in form·Z and sending it to a laser cutter.
form·Z allowed me to manipulate and evaluate (dynamic sections, multiple cameras and windows) my design quickly and to exchange my data with minimal friction with other devices or software for post-processing and manufacturing. It is always a pleasure to work with it.

Alexander Gogl

Architecture student at University of Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria