form·Z Student Competition

5th Prize - Andrea Palomo
Project Description

This project is a design for a client that wanted to apply sustainable and ecological characteristics to their home and it’s inspired by permaculture concepts. It’s a passive and sustainable architecture using adobe and bamboo as it’s main materials. The building is a construction that transforms natural resources into vital services such as water, light and food. The roof is an important element to create these services: it recollects water which later is reused for the gardens or orchard and treated for other uses inside the house; also the roof is used to collect solar energy via solar panels which later it is used for light; and the roof´s angles and inclination lets light and wind enter the interior in a balanced and harmonious way created by a passive design. The circular and organic form of the building transmits movement and flow of both natural and human elements which by using FormZ you are able to achieve the forms and sensations that you want to transmit. In paper and in ideas it can look and sound interesting and creative but later taking it to digital as an architect you don’t want for those ideas to get lost , but with form·Z you are able to capture all those elements in a free and easy way instead of other stiff 3d model programs. As well it’s easy to have quick views with the rendering option that form·Z offers you without going to an other program so you can see a live render of your ideas and design, making the process easier and efficient. This design needed a 3d model program that could demonstrate it’s natural integration with the environment and with form·Z I was able to achieve it.

Andrea Palomo

Student of Architecture at the Francisco Marroquin University
Guatemala City, Guatemala