form·Z Student Design Competition

We hope you have been using your form·Z Student License creatively and productively. Now is the time for you to show off your work and even win an award. This is your invitation to submit one or more of your projects to be exhibited in the Student Project Gallery on the AutoDesSys web site where it will be visited and appreciated by your student peers, and voted on for an award. We elaborate on how it will work below.
AutoDesSys, has a long tradition with student awards, as it started granting them back in 1994. In earlier years they were offered through the form·Z Joint Study Program and winners were invited to attend the ACADIA Conference where they received their award diplomas and prizes. As the Internet has now replaced many of the activities that were previously performed through personal contacts, we are also revising the organization of our student awards, giving you the opportunity to participate online.

To take part in our Student Project Gallery and Prizes, all you have to do is:

  • Like us on Facebook,
  • By September 23, 2016, send us your form·Z project(s). You can do this by going to Here. You will shortly receive the instructions on how to participate in the voting process.
  • Visit the projects on the Student Gallery and vote for your favorites.
  • Winning submissions will be announced in October, 2016
Prizes to win:

1st Prize - $1,000 and a form·Z pro RenderZone single-user license (retail value $2,390).

2nd Prize - A form·Z pro RenderZone single user license (retail value $1,390).

3th to 5th Prizes – A form·Z jr RenderZone single user license (retail value $890).

Note that the modeling must be done in form·Z. Other software maybe used in a supportive function. Final renderings can be done by your renderer of choice. Preferred file formats are jpg, png, and tiff. This design competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time in a design program during 2015-2016. When you submit your projects you also agree that they may be published by AutoDesSys.

If your form·Z student license expires soon, you can download a new student license Here.

Award winners will be determined by a count of your peer votes ("likes") on our Student Project Gallery.

Click Here to see last year's form·Z Student Competition winners .

AutoDesSys reserves the right to grant additional awards to deserving projects.

Submit your project