User work submission guidelines

We always love to see the work that our users produce. Throughout the years we have used a great deal of the work that has been sent to us.

This work may be used in our web site, Facebook page, ads, newsletters, calendar and other promotional materials. Considering the amount of work we receive we can not, however, give any guarantee that your work will be used. Please follow these guidelines to better help you prepare your work to send.

When we print artwork we usually need it to be at least 300 dpi. When you send your work, you may send it directly in hi-resolution or you may send low-resolution thumbnails, from which we may select what we wish to publish. When you send low-resolution work, please make sure that you also have a hi-resolution version that you can send us when your work is selected. If you do not have hi-resolution counterparts, please include a note telling us so. Low-resolution images may still be appropriate for inclusion on our web site.

Tiff format is preferred for hi-res images. Please don't send .jpeg files.

When sending wireframe images please save them in a vector format (.ai, .eps or .pict).

When uploading your images, first collect everything into one .zip file... then submit this .zip file