Entertainment Design with John Troxtel

John Troxtel has been a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Art Directors since 1995. His credits include a number of television and film projects including: Oceans 11, The Exorcist III, MTV Video Music Awards, American Gladiator, and Sherman Oaks. He also developed theme park entertainment projects for The Motion Picture Hall of Fame, The Six Flags Corporation, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Universal Studios.


John has over 25 years of experience in entertainment and concert tour design. His clients include Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Prince, Madonna, Genesis, Nickelodeon, and over 100 other major recording artists. He's designed and directed many concert tours and live television performances for artists including: Pharell and Daft Punk, Eminem, JayZ, David Copperfield, Destiny’s Child, Nelly and more. As an art director and production designer, John supervised development of new reality shows, concert tour projects and video game titles.


John developed an interest in 3D modeling 25 years ago as he felt there was a better solution for conceptual set design than hand drawn sketches and tedious drawings. John began to search for 3D software that would allow him to speed up delivery of the concept art and quickly produce accurate drafting at the same time. He quickly found that form•Z was the software that would serve these unique purposes. form•Z has become the core of John's tool box ever since. His collaboration with AutoDesSys quickly surpassed the standard user level as he has participated in beta testing and is a regular contributor on the form•Z Forums.


You probably have seen John’s form•Z work and never knew it. The animation sequence of the Bellagio heist in the movie Ocean's 11 was created by John and shown in the original form•Z wire frame interface. In his most recent project he used form•Z to mechanically design and 3D print accurately scaled props and scenery for the Franz Harary's Magic Restaurant and Showroom at Studio City Macau, China.

John is eager to share his experiences with form•Z and functions as a form•Z Evangelist on the west coast. Feel free to contact him if you would like to hear more about his experiences with form•Z and how it is an import tool for any production project.

John is currently forming a form•Z Los Angeles User Group, a platform for form•Z users and others to mingle and exchange thoughts about and experiences with form•Z. Please contact John Troxtel if you are interested in this group.

The user group can be accessed through his web site, via facebook, and via LinkedIn.

John Troxtel,Master's Program - Applied Behavior Analysis, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles, Awarded Dean's Scholarship for Academic Excellence Bachelor of Science in Management University of Phoenix | Phoenix, AZ, BS - Management

For more on Information please visit www.johntroxtel.com.