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Entertainment Industry Fabrication, Jet Sets, and form•Z

Jet Sets fabricates scenery for TV commercials, broadcast television, internet broadcast, still shoots, music videos, live events and performances, and themed environments. Over the past 20 years working at Jet Sets, I’ve seen the evolution of purely hand-constructed drawings to working completely digital.


As an early advocate for form•Z, I created wireframes as a “blocking” model for scenery construction. It’s a great way to work loose, allowing the hand to work with the computer. It allows a rapid and accurate perspective view to use as an underlay for the hand drawn renderings. Also, I could “fine tune” camera angles and scenery before starting the rendering process. If something didn’t feel “right” drawing on top of the wireframe - let’s say a wall needed to move over a few inches, or a window added - I had that 3d framework to work from, and adjust it to match the sketch. Having the form•Z model made sure we are accurately building and matching the rendering. With more emphasis on a completely digital rendering, form•Z allows us to quickly present to clients options of designs, colors, and textures. It’s versatile 3d export formats integrate with traditional scenery construction, CNC milling, and 3d printing. Having that form•Z model makes it easy to create construction drawings, by using the integrated layout function, or bringing that model into other drafting packages.


We use the created 3d models also for client presentation and interaction - from web based viewing of models (, augmented reality (AR media), stand alone programs ( form•Z free), to virtual reality, using the Oculus Rift, as well as 3d printing. In addition, we’ll use the traditional architectural model technique of “white cardboard” for building a model of a space.


form•Z has been invaluable in the development and rendering of three dimensional signage, environmental graphics, and backgrounds. The high quality renderings of form•Z give us a way of producing photo-realistic backdrops at any resolution or size. We recently used that feature to print backdrops of a three-dimensional world of period video arcade games, along with enclosures for the games.

With our extremely tight time frame, form•Z helps us develop a preliminary concept to a complete design for our clients.

About Jay Malloy, Jet Sets

Jay Malloy has worked as a set designer, illustrator, and art director working in the entertainment industry since graduating from Art Center College of Design with a major in Product Design. He is a visualization specialist at Jet Sets at North Hollywood, California. For more information, please visit .

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