V-Ray for form·Z public beta


Are you interested in creating stunning renderings of your form•Z models? V-Ray for form•Z is now available as a public beta. This a chance to get a fist look at this exciting new offing and give us some feedback on how well its working for you. 

After you submit this form we will process your request and you will receive an email from vray@formZ.com with the installation details. This may take up to one business day. 

V-Ray for form•Z requires v8.6 which is the soon to be released update for form•Z 8.5. form•Z v8.6 requires a form•Z v8.5 license. If you already have v8.5, you can go ahead and get ready for the V-Ray for form•Z beta by installing the pre release 8.6 version from the form•Z WIP page.

If you are using an earlier version of form•Z, you will need to upgrade to v8.5 to participate in the V-Ray for form•Z beta. (http://www.formz.com/products/formz/formzsales.html).


This agreement is between AutoDesSys,Inc. of 3518 Riverside Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43221, USA and Chaos Software Ltd., Mladost-1A, block 548 entrance B, 2nd floor, Sofia 1729, Bulgaria (hereafter referred to as "the Author") and "the Beta Tester" identified as the individual who completed the electronic submission of  the beta enrollment form and by doing so agreed to the terms within.

This agreement is for the sole purpose of testing V-Ray for form•Z Beta on OS X or Windows (hereafter referred to as "the Product"). The Author agrees to provide the Tester with a dated license of V-Ray for form•Z Beta to be used exclusively for testing purposes. The Tester agrees to safeguard this license, while in his/her possession, and to operate according to the following terms and conditions:

1. It is understood that the Author is disclosing certain confidential and proprietary information to the Tester, which includes, but is not limited to product concepts, know-how, inventions, techniques, trade secrets, processes, algorithms, and documentations. Such information will remain confidential until the Product is released and will not be disclosed to third parties except with the written permission of the Author.

2. Only the Tester shall have access to, use of, viewing and demonstration privileges of the Product, including the application, documentation, and support materials. Access and use of the Product can be extended to immediate associates of the Tester with written permission by the Author.

3. The Tester agrees to provide timely and direct feedback to the Author and absolutely no discussion of the features and other aspects of the Product will take place with anyone other than representatives of the Author and other V-Ray for form•Z beta sites. Encountered bugs will be reported immediately. Suggestions may be submitted at any time but no later than the end of the test period.

4. The initial test period will be for approximately 30 days from the time of the initial on line (ftp) posting of the product. It is expected that the product will be updated at regular intervals during the beta cycle. The updated versions will contain corrections of bugs and may also include additional features. While it is expected that beta testing will be completed at the conclusion of the 30 day period, the Author reserves the right to extend the test period and/or to upload as many Beta packages as necessary until the testing of V-Ray for form•Z beta is reasonably completed.

5. Upon termination of the test period the Tester will remove the test applications from his/her computer, even if it has not yet expired, and will destroy the disks that contain the software. If a special copy protection device (key) was issued for the purpose of beta testing, it will be returned to the Author.

6. The Tester expects no payment or reward, material or otherwise, for the testing services and none is promised by the Author. However, the Author reserves the right to offer a discount towards the purchase of the Product to those Testers that make significant contributions to the improvement of the Product.

I accept the terms of this agreement