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Home and Set Home


The home view is a view that is frequently used or a good place to view the entire model. The home view by default is the initial view that a project is created with. When the Home menu item is selected, the view is reset to the home view. To change the home view, use any of the view tools to navigate to the desired home view and then select the Set Home item from the View menu. Note that, when opening projects created in bonzai3d prior to v. 2.0 or any form•Z project, the current view becomes the home view.


Previous and Next


The Previous item changes the view to the last view. That is, to the view prior to the most recent navigation or other command that changed the view. You can recall previous views all the way back to the point at which the project was opened or created. Once you have selected a previous view, you can return to the view prior to the selection of Previous by selecting Next. Previous and Next can be used to roll through the range of recently used views. Note that as soon as the view is changed, the Next item is dimmed.