Key Shortcuts

The Key Shortcuts... command in the Edit menu invokes the Key Shortcuts Manager dialog shown. This dialog contains two lists, three non-editable information fields, and a few buttons.


The list on the left, labeled Category, lists the categories of form•Z actions. The specific content of each category is listed in the second list, labeled Entry. The content of the latter changes when the selection in the Category column changes.


The Key Shortcuts Manager dialog.


What each action does is summarized in the fields in the upper-right of the dialog and an indication of the type of action (menu item, tool, etc.) is also included. If a key shortcut is assigned to the action, that shortcut is displayed in the Shortcuts field.


The Key Shortcut Dialog.



The Load Defaults Dialog.

New shortcuts can be defined through the Key Shortcut dialog, invoked from the Add... button. Existing shortcuts can be changed again through the Key Shortcut dialog, invoked from the Edit... button. Or they can be completely eliminated using the Delete button.


Clear... clears all the currently loaded shortcuts, Save... saves the current shortcuts into a file, and Load... loads shortcuts from a previously saved file.


Load Defaults... invokes the Load Defaults dialog from where different sets of defaults can be selected, through three buttons: Default is the form•Z defaults; Preset 1 is defaults according to Rhino and Preset 2 is defaults according to SketchUp. When one of these buttons is selected, the items of the Orbit/Spin and Pan pull down menus also change to reflect the respective default. However, these actions can also be set independently.


Pressing List Shortcuts... in the Key Shortcuts Manager dialog invokes the Shortcuts List dialog shown. It contains four columns labeled Category, Key, Command, and Description and it is essentially a list of all the key shortcuts and what commands they correspond to. It can be sorted in two different ways.





The Shortcuts List dialog.