Drawing Guides and Points

The Guides suite of tools (top row, right column) contains two tools intended to support snapping.


draw_guide.png Draw Guide

You use this tool to generate a permanent guide, as has already been mentioned in the Snapping section. With the tool active, you click on the reference plane. A blacked dashed line is rubber banded and follows the motion of the mouse. A second click completes the generation of the guide, which is placed on the active layer.


Recall that permanent guide lines can be picked, moved, rotated, and deleted. They are also saved with the project.



draw_point.png Draw Point

A point is a special type of an object that is primarily used as a marker and for snapping. Points are displayed as bullets. While they have no physical volume or dimensions, they have all the other characteristics of objects and they can be picked, moved, deleted, etc.


To generate a point, with the tool active, click where you want the point to be created. It appears immediately and is placed on the active layer.