Modifying objects while they are generated or edited

Most modeling tools offer the user parameters in the Tool Options palette that guide the generation or editing of objects. After such a tool is executed, the new or edited objects are drawn in an orange highlight color. This indicates that the parameters in the Tool Options palette still affect the object. If the user types a new value for one of the parameters, the highlighted objects are regenerated with the new parameter.


For example, activate the Revolve tool and pick a source shape and an axis of revolution. The operation is executed using the current parameters in the Tool Options palette. The new object is now shown in the orange highlight color. If you now type a new value for the Angle Of Revolution parameter, the object is rebuilt immediately to reflect the new angle.


In addition, if the tool creates a parametric object, the object controls are shown right away (see On Screen Controls). The user may graphically edit the object parameters using the on screen controls. Note, however, that controls are only shown when the tool creates a single new object. For example, if you pick several 2D shapes with the Pick tool and you then activate the Extrusion tool and you generate ten new objects, they are all shown in the highlight color and they can be further numerically edited, but no controls are shown.


Objects that were just created or edited and are drawn in the orange highlight color may also be deleted by pressing the delete key.


If the tool is deactivated or executed again, the controls of the object are removed and it is no longer drawn in the highlight color. You may also clear the orange highlights any time by clicking on the Deselect command in the Edit menu, by pressing option + tab (Macintosh) or ctrl + tab (Windows), or by hitting the esc key.