Cic_3830.ENU.bmp Offset Outline

The Offset Outline tool options.
(a) A cuboid and
(b) offsetting three outlines.

This operation produces a new shape that is parallel to the shape of the picked outline. This new shape may be inserted into the original shape or it may become a new independent object. More than one outline can be offset at a time, but they must all be planar. You can pre-pick faces with the Pick tool set to Face or you can hold down shift and add faces to your selection after you have activated the tool.


Dynamic: This option allows for interactively offsetting an outline with two clicks. The first click picks the outline and starts the interactive operation. The second click ends the interactive offsetting and determines the final offset distance. If offsetting is toward the inside of the face, the new shape is automatically inserted into the face, when the Insert option is on. If offsetting is toward the outside or the Insert option is off, a new separate object is created. so that the appropriate distance can be judged visually. It should be noted that it is still possible to set the offset value numerically, but one could visually test a distance and then enter a round number for the actual value.


Distance: When this option is selected, the offset is applied at the specified distance when the mouse is clicked on an object's face. This applies the offset directly, without interactivity. The newly created outline remains selected to allow for repeated operations if desired.