Cic_3829.ENU.bmp Offset Segment

The Offset Segment tool options.


(a) A cuboid. (b) Offsetting two of its vertical segments.
(c) Offsetting more segments.




This tool is similar to offsetting outlines, except that it works on segments. It also requires two clicks. After a segment is selected with the first click, it is offset parallel to its direction in the plane of its adjacent face. The second click ends the interactive offsetting. If the segment is linear, its ends are extended to always meet the boundary of the face in which it is offset and it is inserted into the face. If the segment is an arc or spline, it is offset parallel and its ends are extended along their tangent directions.


If a segment is adjacent to two faces, it is offset on the face over which the cursor is placed. If you wish to offset a segment beyond the bounds of its face and also wish to force it to stay on the plane of the face, keep the shift key down while over the face and then move the cursor outside the face.


By default, segment ends are always extended and are inserted, if possible. This can be changed by deselecting the Extend To Boundary and Insert options in the tool palette.