Cic_3420.ENU.bmp Derive Segment

The Derive Segments tool options palette.

This tool is used to derive objects consisting of one or more segments of another object. To apply it, with the tool active, click on a segment of an object, which will result in a single segment object. If more segments need to be picked, they should be picked as a set. Or, alternatively, the prepick method can be used. That is, with the Pick tool select all the segments you wish to be included in your new object, then activate the Derive Segment tool and click somewhere in the project window. Whether the selected segments will become a single object or many objects, one per segment, depends on the option checked in the Derive Segment tool options palette. The two options are: Each Selected Segment Separately and Join Selected Segments (default).


After the operation is completed and the new object(s) is created, the original object is ghosted. It can be unghosted using the respective tool.

Examples are shown to the right.