Reduce Mesh.tif Polygonize

Polygonize tool options palette.
Polygonizing a spline: (a) Original spline.
(b) No option applied.
(c) Minimize Tangent Deviation.
(d) Minimize Point Deviation.
(e) Equal Length Segments.
(f) Equal Angles Between Segments.

This tool creates a vector (polygonal) line from a picked spline. The former is as good an approximation of the latter as the options selected from the tool's options palette allow. These options can be used one at a time or in combination.


Number Of Segments: The number given in this field determines how many segments will be generated for the vector line approximation.


Minimize Tangent Deviation: It minimizes the angle between segments of the vector line and the tangents to the curve at the intersection points.


Minimize Point Deviation: Minimize the distance of the points of the vector line from the curve.


Equal Length Segments: Creates a vector line where the lengths of the segments vary as little as possible. When this option is used by itself, the lengths of the segments are exactly equal.


Equal Angles Between Segments: Creates a vector line with minimized variations of angles between segments.


Show Points: When this option is on, the points will be shown as soon as they are generated and they are in the result buffer. Points can be shown permanently by turning on the Show Points option in the Display palettes.