Fit Fillet+Bevel.tif Fit Fillet / Bevel

The Fit Fillet/Bevel tool options palette.
(a) Original shapes, (b) fillets, and (c) bevels.
Top: applied to complete shape;
bottom: applied to some points.

This tool is used to generate either circular fillets or straight line bevels on the corner points of a shape, which can be open or closed. These can be applied to the whole shape with a single operation or to individual points, or segments. In the latter case the two points at the ends of the segment are rounded or beveled. To apply this operation, with the tool active click on a shape, or use the command (Macintosh) or control (Windows) key to select a point or a segment. See examples.


Whether a fillet or a bevel is generated is set in the Fit Fillet/Bevel tool palette, where a few more options are available.


The size of the Circular fillet may be defined as a Radius or as a Distance. The size of the Bevel can be defined as an Offset from the corner point or as a Length of the bevel.