Layout_Cic_7240.ENU.bmp Place Text

The Place Text tool options palette.



The 3D Text Editor dialog.




This tool is used to place text. When you activate the tool, its options palette appears, as usually. With the tool active, you click on the reference plane or the face of an object, where you want the text to be generated. The Text Editor dialog is invoked, where you type the text you wish to generate and you select a font and other text parameters. You press OK to close the dialog and the text is generated in edit mode, which allows you to further manipulate its parameters, either graphically, using the controls displayed, or by changing the settings in the tool options palette.


The text can be Facetted or Smooth and it can be solid or surface object.


Different options can be selected from the Height Base pop-up menu for the calculation of the height, which is typed in the Height field. Top, Center, or Bottom, which are selected from the pop-up menu, control the justification of the text along its height.


The Depth value may be relative to Front, Middle, or Back, which is selected from the pop-up menu.


The Width of text is relative to its height and varies by character. It is expressed as a percentage, which preserves the width variations. Likewise, the Leading space is expressed as a percentage.