Layout_Cic_7241.ENU.bmp Place Text Along Path

The Place Text Along Path
tool options palette.

This tool is used to place text on a previously drawn line (vector line or spline), which is required to be planar. As with the Place Text tool, activating this tool invokes the Place Text Along Path tool options palette, most of which is identical to the Place Text options palette. At its lower part, contains the Path Options group, which are unique to this tool.


To generate this type of text, with the tool active, click on the line (path) on which the text will be generated. The 3D Text Editor dialog is invoked, where you type the text, as before. The text is generated as soon as you press OK. It is in edit mode and can be further revised, either graphically or by changing the settings in the palette.


When Preserve Height & Width is checked, the text retains the sizes specified in the palette and does not try to cover the path from one end to the other. It uses as much of the path as necessary and leaves the remaining empty.


When Scale Width Only is checked, the text is scaled width wise so that it covers the path from one end to the other. The height is not affected.


When Scale Height & Width is on, the width of the text is scaled to cover the path and then the same scaling factor is applied to the height, so that the text preserves its original proportions. See examples to the right.