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The 3D Text Search And Replace dialog.
The Text Search And Replace palette.

This tool is used for finding a certain text string placed in a project and possibly replace it with another string. The new string may be as different as another word or group of words or simply a change in some of the text specifications.


With the tool active click in the project window or on a text object. The 3D Text Search And Replace dialog appears. Its upper section contains a window where the search string is typed and other parameters are specified. Pressing Find will find the string in the project text (if it exists) and will display it in the lower window.


If you also wish to replace a text string, select Replacement String (off by default), type the text you want to replace it with, and set its specifications. Press Replace and the replacement is executed immediately. See example.


The Text Search And Replace Tool Options palette contains a single option: Search All Objects. When on, all objects of a project are searched. When off, only the text objects that were picked are searched.


Replacing "text" with "TEXT."