Creating and Placing Components

Components are predefined models that are provided in libraries and can be placed as instances in projects. Components can also be an object or group of objects that are created in the project for repetitive use (instances). They are similar in nature to what other applications call symbols, parts, or blocks. Windows and Doors are a special type of component that includes some additional information needed to place them meaningfully into a model. The available components are displayed in the Component Manager palette (accessed from the Palettes menu).


A library is simply a folder or directory containing bonzai3d (.b3d) or form•Z (.fmz) files. Each file/directory defines a single component. When a component is placed in the project, it is embedded into the project making it unnecessary to transfer the original external files with the project. The links to the original component are maintained so that, if the original (the definition) is changed, the changes can be optionally propagated in the project file and vice versa..


In addition to the component related tools described in this section, components can be edited in the project using the Edit Group/Component and Edit Group/Component Complete items found in the Edit menu. Make Individual Component (Edit Menu) makes new definitions in the project from a selected instance.