Cic_3805.ENU.png Create Component

The Create Component Tool Options palette.
The Create Component dialog.

This tool allows you to convert selected objects to a component. You can preselect the objects and then, with the tool active, click to define the origin and complete the operation. Or you can postpick the objects as a set. The new component can be added to a library you designate by selecting its name and also to the Embedded library, which becomes the active library.


The Tool Options palette has one option: Replace With Component. When selected, the original objects are replaced with the newly created component. More options are set in the Create Component dialog, which is invoked as soon as the final selection click is entered.


Component Name: In this field you enter the name of the component.


Save To Library will place the component in the Library whose name is selected or you may click on Add Component Library... to add a new library at the project or system level. Alternatively, you can click on Embed In Project Only, which will only place the new component in the Embedded library and no other library.