Measure Distance.tif Measure Distance

The Measure Distance tool options palette.
Measure Dist Ex_opt.psd
Measuring distances.

This tool measures distances between points. With the tool active click on the first point from which a distance is desired. A line is rubber banded and follows the motion of the mouse. A hint appears that displays the current distance from the first point. A second click completes the operation. If the Also Measure Perpendicular option is selected, a second measurement is performed from the first point perpendicular to either a segment reference plane or face.


The Measure Distance tool can also be used to scale objects, billboards, and underlays. After the tool has been used to determine the distance between two points, you can enter a new value for the distance into the Distance field and then click the Update button to scale the entity. The value will be applied to the entity between the clicked points, and rest of the object will scale accordingly. This can be quite useful for scaling drawings that have been added to the file either as an underlay or as a billboard. If a single dimension on the drawing is known, the entire drawing can be scaled. The Apply To: checkboxes determine what type of entity the new scale will be applied to. Referenced Entities will apply the new scale to an object that the two scale points have been snapped to. Selected Entities will apply the new scale to all selected entities. It is useful to know that if you have not snapped the scale tool's endpoints to snappable points, as in the example of when a desired element is within the bounds of a drawing, then you must pre-pick the object and ensure that Selected Entities is checked. Reference Plane Underlay allows the new scale value to be applied to an Underlay image on any reference plane.