Cic_3387.ENU.bmp Convert Object Type

The Convert Options dialog.




This tool converts one type of an object to another, whenever possible. To execute it, with the tool active, click on the object to be converted. This invokes the Convert Options dialog, which displays the Current Object Type and Model Type at the top. It also contains corresponding pop-up menus from where the new types to which the object will be converted can be selected.


In the examples shown, note that the difference between the smooth and facetted tori is quite visible. This is not true for the surface in the middle (b). We can only distinguish their difference when we display their controls. The converted surface is plain and has no controls. Similarly for the curves on the right (c). We can tell one is a spline through points and the other a nurbs curve, only when we display their controls.


Convert Ex A_opt.psd
Converting types of objects: top: original; bottom: converted.
(a) A smooth torus converted to facetted. (b) A nurbs converted to a plain
surface. (c) A spline converted to a nurbs curve.