Ghost.tif Ghost

This tool is used to turn an object into a ghost. With the tool active, click on an object. The previously active object is ghosted immediately. The prepick method can also be used: prepick a number of objects using the Pick tool and then, with the Ghost tool active, click anywhere in the project window. All prepicked objects are ghosted.


A ghosted object is a temporarily inactive object that retains all its properties but cannot be picked and be involved in an operation. It can only be picked by the Unghost tool (see next paragraph). While this tool can be used to directly ghost an object, objects may also be ghosted after they are involved in some operation. Ghosted objects may or may not be displayed, which is controlled by the Hide Ghosted option in the Display Options palette for Wire Frame and Shaded Work mode. When displayed, ghosted objects are shown in a different color from the active objects, which, by default, is light gray. This color can be customized from the Project Settings dialog invoked from the File menu.



Unghost.tif Unghost

This tool is used to reactivate ghosted objects. With the tool active, click on the ghosted object you wish to unghost. This tool is the only tool capable of picking ghosted objects, when they are displayed.