Cic_3685.ENU.png Copy Attributes

The Copy Attributes tool option palette.

This tool is used to transfer attributes from one object, called the source, to another object, called the destination. To apply it, with the tool active, click on the source, then on the destination objects. If the same attributes are to be transferred to more than one object, the prepick method can be used. With the Pick tool, preselect the group of destination objects. Then with the Copy Attributes tool click on the source object. The attributes of the latter are transferred to all the destination objects.


As soon as the Copy Attributes tool is activated, its tool options palette is displayed, where you set exactly which attributes you want to transfer. The palette consists of four columns. The first (left to right) allows you to turn on/off the attributes listed in the second column. When on, a check mark is displayed. Clicking on it turns it off.


The third and fourth columns are only used with optional attributes, which are attributes that may or may not exist. For example, all texture maps are optional attributes. With those attributes the icons displayed in the third and fourth columns indicate what will be done with them. With required attributes no such icons are shown, as the action for them is standard.


One of the attributes is always highlighted to indicate that it is the current attribute. If the current attribute is an optional attribute, its options are shown in more detail in the Optional Attributes section, where they can also changed according to the options displayed.