Delete.tif Delete

Deleting complete objects or parts of objects.

This tool is used to delete complete objects or parts of objects. It can also be used to delete lights, guides, views, and controls of spline curves and surfaces. It can be executed in either postpick or prepick mode. Recall that to pick parts of objects, the command (Macintosh) or ctrl (Windows) key is used.


Shown on the top row of the example to the right are the original objects, and on the lower row, the results. In (a), the whole object was deleted. In (b), the segment marked with a bullet was deleted. In (c), the round face of the cylinder was deleted. In (d), a point of the vector line was deleted, which caused two segments to be deleted and the vector line to be broken in two.


Note that any entity that can be deleted with this tool can also be deleted using the delete key on the keyboard. Use the Pick tool to select any number of entities, then press delete. All selected entities are deleted.