linear_dim_icon.png Multi Dimension

figure 4.png
The Multi Dimension palette.


This tool generates groups of dimensions that can be of three types: Chain, Stack, and Ordinate. The Dimension Type is selected from the tool's options palette. For all types the tool is applied the same way.


With the tool active, click on the first point of the dimension, then the second, and so on. When all points have been clicked, double click roughly on the location where you want the dimension to be generated. The dimension is rubber banded and you can still move it, while you are visually inspecting it and deciding where is the best location to generate it. Click one more time at that location and the dimension is generated. See examples below.


The Style and Text parameters are as for Linear Dimension.


Add and Edit Add Style and Edit Dimension are buttons to quickly create new dimension styles or edit dimension style parameters.


When you are applying a Stack dimension, the Offset field gives you control of the distances between the stacked individual dimensions.


figure 4.png


Multi Dimensions: (a) Chain, (b) Stack, and (c) Ordinate.