angle_dim_icon.png Angular Dimension

This tool creates a dimension that displays the angle defined by three points. As with the linear dimension you can either click points or select a segment. Three clicked points are required or the selection of an arc segment. When clicking points, the first click defines the center of the arc, the second the start point and the third the end point. The plane active when the first point is clicked will be the plane in which the dimension arc is generated. After the third click or the selection of a segment the dimension text is offset parallel to the defined arc. An additional click will finish the input. While offsetting the text, the arc can be reversed to display the complementary angle by tapping the command key (Mac) or control key (Windows). For example, if the arc shows 90 degrees, tapping the key will flip the arc to show 270 degrees.


The parameters for angular dimensions in the Tool Options palette are the same as for linear dimensions.