leader_dim_icon.png Leader Line

This tool creates a line at the end of which a text block is displayed. With the tool active click one or more points in the project. The first point will display the terminator, usually an arrow, pointing the part of the model for which the text description is intended. To end drawing the lines double click. Next a dialog will be displayed, where the text information can be entered. Note that long pieces of text will not automatically wrap when they are displayed in the project window. You will need to break long lines by hitting the return key when entering the text in the dialog. After exiting the text dialog the full leader line is displayed. Note, that the direction of the text block on the dimension plane is along the direction of the last line segment.


As with linear and angular dimensions, leader lines use a style that determines how the text is displayed and which terminator is shown at the start of the first line segment. The text alignment can be set to Top, Center, or Bottom, which moves the text block relative to the last line segment.