Picking and editing dimensions

Dimensions, leader lines and text notes display graphics according to common drafting standards. Unlike other objects, they do not consist of the typical hierarchy of faces, outlines, segments and points. That is, they can only be picked as objects. However, they are controlled objects and their parameters can be edited in the Tool Options palette the same way as other objects.


The on screen controls allow you to modify the orientation and text offset of dimensions. Clicking in the arrow moves the dimension text in the plane of the dimension. Clicking on a point control moves that point to a new location. Note, that the dimension text updates interactively as the point is moved. The edited point can be snapped to existing object points, if object snapping is on. Note, that it is possible to snap the dimension point to a location that is not on the dimension plane. In this case, the point from which the dimension distance is calculated is first projected perpendicular on the plane. A dashed line from the snapped point to the dimension plane is drawn.


figure 10.png
A linear dimension with a point snapped off the plane.