QuickTime™ Image

QuickTime supports a single frame QuickTime Image format as well as additional formats through component plug-ins. form•Z can import and export the QuickTime Image format as well as any format that is supported through the available Apple or third party QuickTime plug-ins. This format is not available when QuickTime is not installed.


The minimum version of QuickTime supported is QuickTime 2.5 for Macintosh and 3.0 for Windows. It is recommended to use the latest version of QuickTime available. Please visit www.QuickTime.com for details on the latest versions.


Exporting QuickTime Image files

The QuickTime™ Image export options.


The content of a form•Z window is exported as a QuickTime™ Image file in the standard manner. The Export Options: QuickTime™ Images dialog

contains both common and format specific options.


Compress: When this option is selected, the image will be compressed using the standard QuickTime compression options which are accessed from the adjacent Options... button.


QuickTime™ plugin components may add formats to the Export Image submenu of the File menu. These formats can be identified by the string “(via QuickTime)” written next to the format name. If one of these items is selected at export time, the data to be exported is sent to QuickTime which produces the export file.