Layout Palettes

The Sheets palette.


The Sheets palette is used to manage the sheets in the project. This is a standard list palette that lists the sheets in the project by name. One sheet in the project is referred to as the active sheet. The active sheet is indicated by a red dot in the first column of the palette (to the left of the sheet name). Clicking in this column makes the corresponding sheet the active sheet. The graphics window is updated so that the active sheet fills the window.


A new sheet is created by clicking on the Add (green_add_btn.png) icon at the top of the palette or by selecting New Sheet from the palette's menu. When a new sheet is created, it is placed at the end of the list and automatically becomes the active sheet. Sheets can be reordered by dragging the sheet name to the desired location in the list using the standard click and drag method. Clicking on the sheetleft.png (previous sheet) and sheetright (next sheet) icons at the top of the palette changes the active sheet to the previous or next sheet respectively.


Double clicking on a sheet name invokes the Sheet Parameters dialog that can be used to change the name of the sheet. This dialog also offers options to suppress the border and the title block for the sheet. These can be desirable, for example, when making a cover page where the boarder and title block may not be desired.


Sheets can be deleted by right clicking on the sheet and selecting Delete from the context menu. Note that, when a sheet is deleted, the contents of the sheet are deleted as well.


In addition to the other standard management items, the context menu also contains the item New Multi Frame Sheet. This creates a new sheet and fills it with multiple frames. This functions the same as the Multi Frame tool, except that the frame fills the sheet instead of a drawn rectangle.