placemultiframe Place Multi-Frame

This tool creates a layout of multiple frames at once. This is like using the Frame tool multiple times. It automatically creates multiple frames from the same model file in a single step. A rectangle representing the location and size of the multiple frames is drawn first, with two mouse clicks. Next the Multiple Frame Parameters dialog is invoked for the selection of the layout of the frames and 3D model and other parameters for each frame in the layout.


The Multi-Frame Parameters Dialog.


The left side of the dialog contains a graphic preview of how the frames will be divided and sized and indications of the view and scale for each frame. Clicking inside a frame highlights it making it the active frame and its parameters are shown in the options to the right.


There are two Flip buttons (Picture 1) on the right and bottom of the frame. The one on the right flips the frame layout vertically. The one on the bottom flips the frames horizontally.


The Layout menu contains a list of the available configurations named by the number of frames horizontally and the number of frames vertically.


Margin: This parameter represents the space left between the frames.


Most of the parameters on the right are the same as those found in the Frame Parameters dialog. The Layers and Clipping Planes are initially unavailable, but they become available and can be modified by editing the frames after they have been created.


The file that is selected is used for all of the frames. The rest of the parameters reflect the values for the active frame on the left side. The Apply To All Frames option applies the selected scale to all frames that are placed by scale. This option makes it easy to have the same scale for all frames. This is on by default.


Once the layout and the parameters are set to the desired values, click OK to create the frames in the previously drawn rectangle.