placeimagecenter Place Image

The Place Image tool options.

This tool is used for placing an image from an external file into the drawing. This is useful for placing a rendered image or any graphic elements like logos etc. The image and its size are displayed in the Tool Options palette. The image can be selected by clicking on the Open icon (open_icon_opt.jpeg) and then selecting the desired image file from the File Open dialog.


As soon as you activate the Place Image tool, an image appears at the position of the cursor and moves as the cursor moves. The alignment of the image with the cursor is determined by the Cursor Position option selected in the Tool Options palette. The nine radio buttons represent the corresponding location on the image boarder and center respectively. Clicking places the image at the location of the mouse click.


The size of the image is controlled by the By Dimensions or By Scale options. With the former option the size of the image in the drawing is specified. With the latter option, the scale factor is specified. This is useful when an image is provided with specific scale information that is important for the drawing.


Once created, an image object behaves as a regular object; it can be moved, rotated, scaled, copied, deleted, etc.


Once placed, image objects can be graphically edited by enabling the controls on the object in the standard manner. Image objects have nine controls that represent the corresponding image corners, image edges and image center. Moving the center control moves the entire image. Moving the corners and edges changes the cropping (clipping) of the image, keeping the scale of the image consistent. Pressing the command key (Macintosh) or ctrl key (Windows), changes the editing from cropping to stretching of the image in the corresponding direction. Pressing the shift key keeps the changes proportional to the current size of the image.


Image objects retain the link to the original image file. When the image file is changed, the linked file is reloaded in the project to display the updated image. The image file link can be managed through the linked files section of the Project Information dialog, accessible from the Help menu.