Layout Components


Components can be placed in a layout using the Place Component tool as with the modeling environment. A common use of components is to add detail or information to a drawing (e.g. fixtures, furniture, etc.) from a library of commonly used parts. When a component is placed into a frame in a drawing, it is automatically scaled to the frame’s scale. This avoids the necessity of creating components for each desired drawing scale or changing the component when the drawing scale is changed.



A couch component placed in two frames with different scales.


It is also useful to have components for graphic symbols that are designed to be placed on a sheet such as a North arrow, electrical symbols, etc. These are components that are created at layout paper scale (i.e. 1:1). These components are not scaled by a frame scale regardless of where they are placed in the drawing. Layout components are listed in the components palette in the Layout tab. When the layout tab is selected, the palette displays a set of component libraries for layout placement. Layout components are stored in .fml file in the components’ library folder on disk.



The Layout tab of the Component Manager palette.




A North arrow placed from a Layout library placed in two frames with different scales.