Reduce Mesh.tif Reduce Mesh

Reduce Mesh tool options palette.
The meshes of a sphere and a paraboloid
are reduced.

This tool can be used to reduce the number of faces of an object, by merging adjacent faces that enclose an angle that is less than a specified threshold. It can also be used to reduce the number of segments in a face by merging adjacent segments. It can be applied at the Object or Face levels using either the postpick or prepick selection method.


The following parameters affect this tool and are set in its Options palette.


Face Angle: This value determines whether two adjacent faces will be merged. If their normals are at an angle smaller or equal to this value, the two faces are merged into a single face.


Edge Angle: This value determines if two adjacent segments will be merged. This option applies to boundary segments only.

Only Merge Faces With The Same Color or Texture Map

Control: When one of these options is only, only faces with the same color or that are part of the same texture map control and meet at a small enough angle are merged.