form·Z 8.6.5 jr Update

form·Z 8.6 is an update to v8.5. v8.6 uses the same installation codes as v8.5.

This version includes many updates to the file translators and Core ACIS version. It also inludes the re-introduction of some features form older verions of form•Z. Most notably is the return of the Clone feature. A detailed list of chnages is located at the bottom of this page. Also note that 32 bit versions of Windows are no longer supported.

For more information of what is new in form•Z 8.6 Click Here

Mac OS
form·Z 8.6 jr for OS X

Requires Macintosh with Intel processor and OS X 10.7.5 or later

Note: If you are having difficulties using Safari, right click (or control click) and select "Download Linked File As".

The form·Z disk image (.dmg) should automatically appear on your desktop or your Finder Window when the download is complete. (Double click its icon in the downloads list if it does not appear automatically.)

Double click on the installer to install the v8.6 application. It will be installed into Applications/formZ 8/formZ 8.6 Jr. Your 8.5 jr application will remain installed but may be deleted if you wish.

form·Z 8.6 jr for Windows 64

Requires Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10.

Click on the download button and choose save, when it's complete, click run.

Click "Next" and proceed as directed by the installer, and choose whether or not you wish to launch the application when the installer has completed installing form•Z.