form·Z 8.6 pro WIP Download

Work In Progress (WIP) software is provided to give form•Z pro users early access to pre release versions of the software. These versions may contain bug fixes, optimizations and experimental new features.

Use this software with caution. Do not use this software on mission critical data without first making sure that you have sufficient recent backups of your critical data.

form·Z 8.6.0 pro [build #9991, 11/30/2017]
You must already have formZ 8.5 registered and installed to use this version.

For Macintosh OS X, copy the "formZ 8.6 Pro WIP" folder from the downloaded disk image to the "formZ Folder" of your formZ 8.5 installation (usally "Applications/formZ 8").

For Windows 64, after downloading and uncompressing the .ZIP archive, you will find a folder named "formZ 8.6 Pro WIP". Copy this folder the "formZ Folder" of your formZ 8.5 installation ("C:\Program Files\formZ 8"). The first time you run the WIP version, it will ask you to confirm your license information.

Please email if you need any assistance.

New in build #9991:

  • The context menu invoked by right-clicking on objects now has options to Select Clone Families, and make the object's Material, Layer, Line weight or Line Style active.
  • Undo/Redo now work properly on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • Auto Save by time interval now works properly.
  • SketchUp Materials now Import properly.
  • SketchUp 2018 Now supported.
  • Export DWG/DXF speed improved.
  • Import KMZ files now works properly.
  • The Reduce tool no longer stops when encountering an object that can not be reduced (when multiple objects are selected).
  • Various stability and performance improvements.

New in build #9985:

  • Arc Tools now work properly.
  • Walkthrough tool now stops properly.
  • Zoom Options "Zoom Frame By Center" and "Zoom Frame By Corners" restored for the Zoom Frame tool.
  • Materials palette context menu now has an option to select All Objects/Faces that are assigned a the selected material .
  • Transform options now work properly.
  • Unclone tool restored.
  • 3DS export no longer fails when an object contains a degenerate 2 sided face.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.

New in build #9981:

  • Stability and performance improvements.

New in build #9979:

  • Product updated to use ACIS 2018.
  • STEP file translator improved (better support specially on OS X).
  • SKP file translator updated. Now supports skp 2016 and 2017 files.
  • SAT file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files.
  • DWG/DXF file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files.
  • FMZ files saved with versions prior to v6 can now be opened directly.
  • Performance on Mac Pro models using ATI graphics cards has been improved.
  • 3DS export now handles objects with more than 65535 faces or 65535 points efficiently.
  • Deleteing layer groups from the layers palette now works properly.
  • Hatches now work properly on shapes with co-linear points.
  • Numerous stability and performance improvements.