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form•Z pro is a powerful 3D design application featuring a variety of modeling personalities and tools with an easy to use interface to express and communicate your imagination. It is based on advanced 3D solid and surface modeling methods that maintain accurate representations as you progress from design to visualization, layout, animation and fabrication.

form•Z pro includes all of the features found in form•Z Jr plus many advanced modeling tools, STEP and IGES translators, animation, layout, network rendering and interface customization.

form•Z pro 8 is the latest version that introduces subdivision modeling as yet another modeling personality that enables the quick design and exploration of organic forms that originate from basic shapes. These forms are easily manipulated using a suite of subdivision tools that empower this new personality.
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  • The form•Z workflow features a dynamic smart interface that senses what you intend to do and protects you from unwanted actions. This includes automatic picking, automatic guides and snaps that assist you in drawing accurately without limiting your creativity.
  • The complete interface and the tool palettes are fully customizable, including the "heads up display" palette, where you may place the tools you use frequently for instant access.
  • Workspaces group related tools and palettes together making it easy to switch between tasks. These can also be customized and new ones created.
  • Interoperability is a traditional strength of form•Z. form•Z Pro supports over 20 formats including 3D Studio, DGW/DXF, Sketchup Rhino, STEP, STL and IGES.
  • The form•Z interactive display takes advantage of modern OpenGL capabilities. This is most noticeable in Shaded Full display mode with real time ambient occlusion, bump mapping, soft shadows and multi sampling features. These aid in real-time visualization and design evaluation as they yield better depth perception and spatial definition.
  • form•Z includes an extensive library of materials that are ready to use. The Materials editor allows you to create your own materials and materials groups.
  • The internal water tight modeling representation used by form•Z means that form•Z models are ready for 3D printing. Models can be directly exported to industry standard formats for transfer to any 3D printer, CNC or milling process. The Object Doctor and 3D Print Prep tools aide in identifying objects that will not print well due to thickness or other printer limitations.
  • The Reshape and Offset tools capitalize on real time Boolean operations to offer sculpting actions that produce robust solid models from interctive actions
  • Fully parametric and dynamic generation of 3D forms that can be further manipulated at any time after their initial generation.
  • A comprenhesive suite of NURBS tools combines unprecedented ease of use and power. The NURBS analysis features aid in the evaluation and refinement of your design.
  • The Information Management system generates spreadsheets from modeling information including quantities, physical characteristics and custom attributes.
  • Advanced rounding and blending operations enable the creation of smooth transitions between surfaces. Advanced features like variable radius and hold line rounding make it possible to create unique solutions.
  • Subdivision modeling makes creating organic shapes fun. Start with a simple facetted cage model and create a smooth flowing form. The suite of Subdivision tools allows shaping and sculpting subdivision surfaces with simple, easy to use controls. Subdivisions are useful for tensile structures; organic surfaces ranging from exotic roofs to character meshes, these tools make form•Z a versatile modeling tool.
  • Powerful formula tools create complex curves and surfaces based on mathematical formulas with ease. The included predefined library of shapes is a launching point for a whole new method of form creation.
  • The form•Z layout environment allows you to quickly create to scale drawing sheets of your design. With form•Z layout you can place plans, elevations, sections and 3D view of your design into a page layout. These are linked to the 3D model so as the model changes, the drawings are automatically updated.
  • form•Z projects can be fully animated in form•Z Pro. This includes animation of the camera, objects and lights. Animation tracks can be created for the individual parameters of the parametric objects which allows for craetion of dynamic designs. Animations can be rendererd with any built-in or plugin rendering engine and exported as individual frames or standard movie formats.
  • The Sun Palette enables the quick evaluation of natural light in a building on any given day or time. Quickly create animation of the sun light through a day or an entire year.
  • Dynamic clipping planes allow for non-destructive cutting of models. This real-time dynamic interface allows for complete inspection of a design.
  • Components make it easy to reuse and share frequently used content. Components can be embedded in the form•Z project or stored externally in directory of project files. Components can be easily be created and modified in form•Z. A library of entourage components is provided.