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The form·Z update manager keeps form·Z and selected plugins up to date with the latest patches and corrections. This is the simplest way to keep your software up to date as it automatically determines what patches are needed and downloads and installs them for you. The update process is controlled by the settings in the Update section of the Preferences dialog. These settings can bet set to check for new versions at a regular interval (the default is once a week). You can also check for a new version at any time by selecting Check Now.

To check for an update on demand follow these steps:

  • 1. Launch form·Z.
  • 2. Quit the Script Editor or Imager if they are running.
  • 3. Select Preferences from the bottom of the Edit menu.
  • 4. Select Update from the preferences category list on the left of the dialog.
  • 5. Select Check Now.
  • 6. Follow the on-screen prompts and you will be automatically updated to the latest version. When updating from version 6.0.0 to a later version you will be prompted as to whether you would like to make a back up of your 6.0.0 version. With this patch, regardless of which option you select, the back up will still be created. (If you do not want this, simply delete the 6.0.0 folder...) This patch actually fixes this problem, but you will not see the effects of this until the next update is applied.