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Webinar Replay


Want to see what's new in form•Z 7? Here's your opportunity in this first part of a two part live webinar. In part 1 we'll guide you on an exploratory journey of a contemporary design space from conceptual massing model to iterative design details, including some essential new fabrication features.

You will experience:

  • A quick overview of the most significant new features in form•Z 7.

  • How the new intelligent smart interface guides you through your design.

  • How the new reshaping tools let you effortlessly sculpt your design ideas faster than ever before.

  • Easier Nurbs modeling with new and updated tools which make complex shapes a snap.

  • Powerful new tools that help create fabrication details of your design.

  • New methods for changing your design using either dynamic "free-form" manipulation and/or numeric "parametric" based features.