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This webinar introduces the newly released form•Z 8 jr, which is a major update to what was previously called bonzai3d.

    In this session you’ll experience:
  • form•Z 8 jr introduces subdivision modeling as a new personality to form•Z’s diverse modeling capabilities allowing you to create unique organic forms by starting from a simple base cage. Subdivision tools are also useful for quickly smoothing or softening existing facetted models.
  • form•Z’s jr interactive display modes have been completely rewritten to take advantage of modern OpenGL capabilities such as real-time ambient occlusion, bump mapping, soft shadows, and multi sampling features.
  • A new Sketchfab upload option is embedded inside form•Z 8 jr. allowing you to share your 3D models with others through the Sketchfab.com website.
  • Numerous other improvements related to areas such as NURBS, reshaping tools, Components, Materials, file format size, Import/Export, smooth modeling, RenderZone, and installation to mention just a few.